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Endemic trout

Marble trout (Salmo marmoratus Cuvier)

Big marble trout from the river Morača, 40 lb., 1967

In the clefts of the Neretva, at well-known spots around the estuary of the Drežanka and the very dangerous waterfall Grabovica, the aircraft hero from the times of the Red Baron von Richthofen, captain Hinko Hubl caught marble trout of 20 to 25 lb. and always had his absolutely necessary helper-porter.

Soft lips trout (Salmothymus obtusirostris Heckel) of a very light colour, adapted to the surrounding of the white Neretva pebbles near Čapljina

Evil mouth trout (Salmothymus obtusirostris krkensis Heckel), caught at the verge of the reserve, 1987

Big soft lips trout from the Buna, 12-lb.

Dentex trout (Salmo dentex Heckel) from the estuary of the Rude into the Cetina, 7 lb.

Big 15 lb. Dentex trout and the teacher Josip Šipek. Alberto Fortis and Ivan Lovrić wrote about hundreds of such fish in and around the Cetina sources Glavaš and Jarebica

Josip Šipek in the studio of the local "Fotomoment" in Sinj, with a big Dentex trout, 76 cm long, 12,5 lb.; he caught it on April 19th, 1977

Very esteemed and rare zebra trout from the French river La Loue that, similar to the Cetina, flows from a big cave in the Jura mountains. The French have given much attention to the preservation of this rare trout, which apart from the Cetina lives also in the rivers of the Falkland Islands. Numerous hotels, apartments and bungalows were built specially for fishermen, who come here to catch this very attractive trout.

Zebra trout from the source Jarebica, 64 cm long, 5 lb., caught in 1982

Perfect, very precious specimen of the authentic zebra trout; the picture was taken in 1998, 55 m deep in the Cetina-source Glavaš. These fish are very rare and valuable; they have survived the war and many of them spawn again in the source parts of the river Cetina.

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