Caves - Antun Mateš: The Enchanted Angler


Entrance into the Master Cave (Gospodska špilja). Alberto Fortis described it as follows:... Despite the karst and the darkness, some of them once were home of wild and rough men, whose roughness might have been similar to the bears’. Here, one can see the remains of a wall, which was built to narrow the entrance even more. For the wild men, who were used to rough life conditions, crawling through these horrible places of refuge was appropriate.

Crawling on the tracks of Alberto Fortis and the Derry Bishop of Lord Hervey "...When you pass the first door behind the estuary of the cave, you can turn right, move forward another eight steps crawling, and another fourteen steps forward, then you reach the hall…."

Looking to the light coming from the entrance of the cave Kotluša

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